Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Need to wake up, cheer up, put on some make up...

There is no way to prepare for this... no way at all. 
Read books, listen to friends and watch the tv shows... you'll only ever understand a small portion of it.

Someday, when a butt is pushing up into your ribs, or little feet are stepping on your bladder, or a head is sticking out of your side, then you'll know... you will experience the magic.

Today is Valentines Day.
Hubby has something up his sleeve for this evening... and for once, I have no idea what he's planned.
I love surprises.
He's told me to have dinner ready at 5, and from here, our adventure will continue. It's 2:50 right now... so I'm getting super curious!

The weather has been grey and dreary, and all my intentions of cleaning have slowly been put off... I'll get to it in a minute, or just right after this, Sister called, it can wait a little longer, writing back to my new pen pal, that's important... Right now it's blogging. I'll do it after I write up this unimportant post :)

Thinking a nap sounds nice. Ha!! Pregnancy is weird, and there are definitely times that I miss the old super energetic me! Stay up late, wake up early and go go go!

K, Love you all and sorry for this blah blah blah of a post.
No, this is me right now, and someday I'm gonna look back and be glad that I wrote, even in the not so cheery bright moments.


deertale said...

Pen pal writing is way more important than cleaning :) Hope you guys have fun tonight on your adventure!

Nicole said...

Leave it to you to make pregnancy look so HOT! You look beautiful!! Enjoy whatever your hubby's got planned for you! :) I like the ranting.

Happy Wife said...

Sara, next letter will be headed your way tomorrow! ;)
Nicole, you are too kind!! I haven't seen you in forever!
Hope you are well!

Nicole said...

I know, it's terrible! Not since you became a body of 3! :)
(p.s. I meant rambling not "ranting", that doesn't sound as good.)

Claire said...

oh dear hope you can get comfy, and how exciting cant wait to hear all about your surprise :)