Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Soleil all over me, Warm sun.

Spent the couple hours of babysitting this morning watching Ratatouille. 
The boys I sit had had a busy weekend with Grandparents in town and my body was in 'slow mode'...
so, we curled up, calmed out bodies and minds and put a movie on.

The weather is beautiful out today!
Blue skies, few clouds, and the bright sun shining upon the world.
I drove home with the windows down, and dreamed about sleeping in a field covered in the warmth of creation.

I want to own a field! Or at least live out somewhere that would give me the freedom to enjoy a field undisturbed by the city. I miss the fields in Australia! Baby calves playing in the not too far distance and pretty birds flying over head... With a quilt beneath me and the sky above, I'd sleep, or read, or gaze across the land and imagine what my future looked like... Hard to believe that was ten years ago!
I am happy to say that I love the way my story is unfolding!
It's far better than I could have ever imagined!

Now, to sleep in my home.
Thinking it might be a nap on the couch kinda day...
What kind of a day are you having?
Happy Wife

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deertale said...

a nice cozy rainy day curled up inside listening to good music. I do wished I watched ratatouille though! I also think we should here more about your adventures in other countries, Australia,what? so jealous!tell me more tell me more!