Thursday, February 2, 2012

Watch out world, here I come!

Good morning to "Flying" by James Newton Howard
Such a great way to start your day! 
"Watch out world, here I come!"

Good morning to the cheery sun upon my laptop. 
I love you!!

Good morning to Emerson and Hunter! I feel you, and see you doing your stretches!

Good morning to wonder and awe... let's spend the next 10 or so hours together!

Good morning bed head. We shall get to taming you soon!
{serious face, I know... Just making sure not to flash my double chin at you~it's close though}

Good morning to you friend, yes you! {even if it isn't your morning anymore}

Shout out to my Seester who moved down to Cali! 

"I miss you!!!
Of course 'Flying' made me think of you... and now I'm listening to Karla! 
Come play your guitar and lets sing together!!
and with the sun shining into the apartment, I thought of you and berry picking and swimming and working out! Can't wait to do all those things with you and the boys this summer! Even the working out part ;)
Maybe not Turbo Fire though!"
"You changed my grief into a crazy dance! You cause my sorrow to burst into flowers, I cannot help but explode into song"

Last night these babies were super active!! 
Sitting in the bath, I watched as they pushed against their home. 
Ha! With every collision and bump, the water would ripple away from my belly and a smile stuck to my face with such great fervency, it began to hurt.

Auntie Echo, they can't wait to meet you and play with Alomae and Poppy!
We'll come over today and hopefully they'll show you how big they're getting/how much they can make their Mama's belly move!

My heart is in such a happy mood right now! Like really happy!!
I think it's because of a culmination of things, but what started it all was the sun!
When that incredible ball of fire shines it's perfect light into my home first thing in the morning, my insides do a leap and my mind is filled with the great and exciting possibilities of the day!
The music I've been listening to has elevated that joy, and my Mama called my just a minute ago and I got to talk to her a bit... I have plans to meet up with another pregnant friend for lunch, and then I'll see Echo and the girls, and go grocery shopping, and then Hubby will be home and we can play together... Ah!! I need to get up and dance or something before I burst!

Diversity of Souls
~George MacDonald~
"Every one of us is something that the other is not, 
and therefore knows something-it may be without knowing that he knows it-
which no one else knows: and...
it is everyone's business, as one of the kingdom of light and inheritor in it all, 
to give his portion to the rest."

I love seeing all of your beautiful qualities dear friends!
Qualities that are made specifically for you, and designed to paint the world with such radiant colors and images. You make my days so much better. And you shine God, even when you don't know it.

Happy and Smiling Me


deertale said...

I had one of those days too! Minus the babies! but good music and happy smiles for no reason. those days are AWESOME! its also 65 degrees and sunny here which actually might have contributed :)
ps: thanks for the sweet comment today. You're the sweetest, and you totally made me blush!

echo said...

i just love you!! I love your happy heart! enjoyed my time with you today :)