Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Have Fun

So, I got ready for the day... {recap of yesterday}
Turned on some Sufjan Stevens, made some hot chocolate, added a bit of bronzer to my cheeks, mascara to my lashes, and quickly all began to get cheerier.

The Hubs told me to wear something red, 'in honor of Valentines Day'... 

When he got home we ate a simple dinner of sandwiches and apples.
...After he made sure I was warm enough, we then headed off, arm in arm, past our cars and towards the MAX {it's right behind our complex, a 3 minute walk away}. And as it pulled up at our feet, we climbed aboard, sat beside each other and rode away towards down town. 
All the while I wondered where he was taking me...

30 minutes later the MAX stopped at the Rose Garden Arena and Hubby stood up. "Lets go," he said.
He was taking me to a Blazer Game! Ha, that's why he wanted me to wear red! And of course I was already wearing a black cardigan with my red so I fit in splendidly.

We cheered loudly, clapped in applause at the shots our team made, and laughed together at all the funny things going on around us. Big crowds always make for a good time. So many new people to talk to, and a thousand things to admire or question. 
And even though the Blazers lost, my Love and I were winners... We have each other, and we have these baby boys growing healthy inside my womb. We have so much to be thankful for! And really, even more than the love of one another, we have the love of so many family and friends, and more importantly, we have the love of God.

The Hubs is staying home from work today feeling a bit under the weather. 
And there isn't much on the agenda, aside from Youth Group tonight, so I'm sure it'll be a nice day of movie watching, and chatting with each other about our little Emerson and Hunter.
Life is good.
Hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday!
Happy Wife


Jessica said...

Hey girl! Looks like you all had a great V-Day! Try Target's Mossimo leggings and see if they fit. They are only $8 and I like them because they don't rise up so high like maternity ones! Good luck!

21SaraLoves said...

Aw that is so sweet of your husband. I love that scarf too by the way. Lovely post as usual, I love reading your daily stories :)

brittany said...

what a fun surprise!! gosh, husbands are the best. i'm glad your valentine's day was such a good day with your love!

Kelly said...

what a cute valentines date!
xxoo :)