Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Will Go

Beyond our dreams and hopes and wonderings, we will go!

America: Oregon, California & Texas
Belgium, Europe 
Cameroon, Africa
Senegal, Africa
NSW, Australia
Zambia, Africa

Each of these places have been called Home for me at one point or another in my life,
and I am grateful for the experiences I've had on each of these lands.

I can't wait to travel with my family.
To explore new sights and sounds... To learn how different people work and play and thrive.

By plane, by boat, by train or on foot... even to Canada, or across the US, we will go!

ignore the blurry pics above.
I took them quickly, and am now writing quickly 
because with the map that these photos came from,
I am making paper airplanes that will hang from Hunter and Emerson's ceiling.

Now to get my craft on and think so many happy thoughts of travels past and travels to come.
Happy Wife and Mother to Be!


deertale said...

Such a cute Idea to hang them in their room. Can you take me all these places please :)

Happy Wife said...

Sara, Yes! I really want to go back to Australia! Thinking maybe in 2014? You and the Hubs should join us ;)