Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Boys Abode

Hard to believe this living room is going to have the happenings of two little boys in it soon.
Gotta get those car seats in the car!

And now to reveal their finished abode:

There you have it! All finished and ready for their arrival!
Most of what's in this room cost us very little.
We used gift cards we'd accumulated over the years,
Purchased a few things off etsy,
Bought both cribs and mattresses for $125 {which is a compete steel!} still need bumpers for the cribs though.
The changing table was passed down to us,
My brother left his sofa for us when he moved out, I just put a different cover on it.
A few of the pictures framed were from books I bought at Goodwill for 99c.
Another is a postcard from Sara.
The banner over Hunter and Emerson's bed was made for my shower thrown by Echo!
I made the paper airplanes out of an old map and scrapbooking paper that I had laying around,
The sunshine clock has been mine for years,
and the little Teddy bear sitting on the shelf was Shawn's Dads when he was a child.
The last photo, of a dock surrounded by calm water, was something my Love chose for their room, 
Someday he's going to teach his sons how to wakeboard and I can't wait to see the joy on his face when he gets to do so.

The weather today is BEAUTIFUL! Sunshine pours through all our windows and my heart is content.
"Spring! You are just around the corner! And with you comes my sweet babies and so much love."

Happy Wife


Jessica said...

i love this!! I love that you didn't do a typical baby nursery, this will be perfect for them as they grow up too! How sweet are those two little cribs side by side? What are you doing about bumpers? I've read that bumpers are bad now because of the risk of SIDS but every nursery I see people are still using them? I think I am going to just have a mesh bumper? Also, just curious, what paint color is that? Those little boys are going to love playing in their nursery!! So cute!

Danya said...

So cute! Thanks for giving us a peek! I bet it feels great to have that done. I cannot believe you're having TWO! {That little fact still blows my mind.} I'm praying for your last few weeks of pregnancy. -d

Happy Wife said...

Jessica, I'm so so so excited for my boys to be here! One thing I knew I wanted their room to be was nice and aesthetically pleasing for me :) I'll be in there quite a bit with them, so I want to enjoy the space too!
With the bumpers... I'm still on the fence with that one... Thought about mesh ones, going without, or getting full on bumpers... I think it's a toss up between mesh or the others. Even if it's for the first little while as they're so small and won't be going far, and if for some reason my mind is totally made up that I don't want them, then I'll take them off.
And the paint color is Pencil Point from Behr. I love it!

Danya, You should see the two of them move! Then you'd believe it :) Thanks for your prayers! We've been so blessed to have everything go so smoothly!

Amber Dawn

21SaraLoves said...

Love the beautiful pictures on the wall, I am sure the boys will love them too!

Happy Wife said...

Thanks Sara!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE everything about thier room, its so perfect! Great job, and very thrifty!!! nice work.