Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Bed or The Beach

Slow start to the day over here...
Emerson and Hunter are hanging out together, moving around and growing strong,
While I lay in bed and watch Jane by Design on HULU.

Trusty water bottle by my side at all times...

Really, if I could be anywhere today, it'd be at the beach, walking through the wet sand... I don't care if it's cold, and drinking coffee while writing and looking out upon the rolling waves. 
Who wants to go with me? It's not to far for pregnant me to go, right? 
Just about an hour... 
We sold my Element yesterday!
Praise the Lord!!
Now the hunt is seriously on for an Odyssey!
K, back to my show, just wanted to stop and share my morning.
Happy Wife


Anonymous said...

h ooo!! I will go....As soon as I convince my boss that’s a better use of my time. lol. I would love to get a coffee & stroll on the windy beach, take some fun photos, and brose the cute boutiques nearby..

Danya said...

This Florida girl is dying for a beach day!! I'm only minutes from a beach in Cali, but I certainly miss sugar white sands, turquoise waters & blue blue skies.

Congrats on the car! Your Odyssey is on it's way, I'm sure. :)