Saturday, March 10, 2012

Being Boys

Hmmm... Today is filled with NOTHING! 
No plans, Nadda.
Just me and these babies hanging out. 
Realizing I need this...
I like spending time with my friends, checking off to do lists and being busy.
But hey, when will this happen again once these boys are here? 
Yah, not for a while. 
Silence, calm, no running around... Just me, sitting here at home watching a movie, listening to music, or sipping tea and reading a book.
The Hubs will be back around 6pm so I've got hours of me time ahead!
Oh the possibilities!!!

Cute little paintings by Teagan White.
Cant wait for my little boys to climb trees and build boats and go camping!

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday,
Happy Wife

1 comment:

deertale said...

those illustrations are adorable. I want them all :) your you time sounds better if it was with me time :) but I'm glad your enjoying it, it sounds delightful!