Monday, March 5, 2012


Writing Thank You notes and checking off my To Do list.
My body is tired today... I have a feeling this will be pretty normal from here on out. So, with that being said, I'm doing all that I can from my bed. 
I paid rent, filed our paid and unpaid bills, called a potential pediatrician, wrote up a list of final things that need to get done for the boys, I'm working on getting a list together of people who will bless our little family with meals once Hunter and Emerson arrive.
Oh my goodness!!! I just remembered that I had a dream last night that we were going to name Hunter 'Hamster' instead and one day {in my dream} it dawned on me that it would be terrible! but I didn't know how to take back the 7 or so months we'd been telling people we named him that! :( Praise Jesus it was just a dream! Sorry if your name is Hamster, or if you have named one of your children that... 
K, back to reality! Which means getting up and making lunch for myself. Hope you're all having a lovely Monday. Enjoy work, being busy, agile and full of energy for me. 
Happy Wife


Nicole said...

I'd love to make a meal for your family if you'd like to add me to the list! I'll even take requests. :) And Hamster, oh how funny-I think Hunter will like his name much better.

deertale said...

Haaaaaaaaaaa! Hamster! Can I start calling you that?