Friday, March 2, 2012

Hand in Hand

Thinking I could make something similar to this for the boys room.

I babysat for the last time this morning. The next weeks before these sweet little boys arrive will be focused on finishing up all the final details. Gosh the past 7-8 months have gone by SO quickly! I can't believe I'll be looking at my sons faces within such a short amount of time... Ah! "Emerson and Hunter, you are LOVED!"
-and you are getting big! Butts and knees and heads and feet... Seriously guys! Take it easy on your Mama ;)

The Hubs has had a super long week, so tonight we plan on laying low. Baked potatoes, chicken and green beans for dinner, and maybe a spot of ice-cream for desert. Who knows, maybe we'll get a little RedBox action as well... Anyone wanna recommend a movie?

I've been super blessed by all of you who read this and leave the comments and messages that you do! {wether it be via here, Facebook or text}
Really, blogging has been a wonderful outlet for me and it's been fun to share this season with you and hear about how all of you are doing.

A large reason for my wanting to share more of the depths of where I'm at these days is because I can't fully share with you my joys if I don't fully share my struggles. They go hand in hand and if I want to open up to you about how God is teaching me to have a happy and positive perspective in life, I must then open up about the tough areas as well. 
{This will come in due time... I think I scared some people/Sean, my sisters Husband with the honesty at the end of my last post-Sorry...}

K, I need to sleep for even 30 minutes before my Love gets home. For a girl who hated napping, I'm proud of myself for learning to give my body the rest it needs! 

ps I'm so excited to post pics of Emerson and Hunters room soon...
Just a few more things to go into it, and then it will be revealed!
{I don't know why it's fun for me to keep it a secret?! I'm sure it's not even that big of a deal to most of you. Oh well, pics will be on the blog soon.}

I'm about to shut my laptop, and my eyes and hope that my brain quickly follows... That's the hardest thing to turn off! I'm such a thinker, always processing and trying to get one step ahead...

Cheers to you and a new weekend!
Happy Wife


Ashley Marie said...

I love your honesty! You inspire me to be more transparent in my life, something I have always aspired to. I don't know if you scared Sean with your bluntness or just shocked him. Of course it was the only time he ever read your blog! Ha! Providence :) I love you seester and love your blog! Thanks for being real. Fo real, you are real cool!

Maranda Marie said...

Kyle and I just watched The Son of No One. It was way better than we expected. Quite a bit of language and a few violent scenes. But we thought it was good besides those things?
I personally wanted to rent Puss In Boots but Kyle wasn't feelin it...haha

Happy Wife said...

Love you Seester! You're the coolest! Wish I was in the sun praising Jesus with you!
And Maranda, Shawn and I were thinking of watching that. Saw Killer Elite instead, but Yes to Puss in Boots :)
I wanna see the Tin Tin movie that came out.
Both you ladies make me happy!