Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Feet

I love this... "A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere."
Not sure if any of you enjoy story telling or writing {obviously you bloggers tell your own tale} but I'm talking about make believe! 
Today the sun is shining again so happily, and I'm thinking it's time to jump into my imagination and pen a few little stories. Thinking about heading to a coffee shop, and enjoying a bit of time outside the home, away from all my to dos and exploring worlds unknown. ~
What else do I have planned for today? ~
My dear friend Michele is giving me a pedicure at 1! and my little toes are so very excited! Praise Jesus these feet haven't been too swollen, but I will say that the've gone a bit wide. This girls got extra weight on her and my feet have done a pretty dang good job at carrying us around!! "Thank you left foot and right foot!"

The Hubs is out of town tonight so it's just me and my babies... Thinking I'll need to find something else to do to fill my time. Wish my Seester could come play/have a sleep over! Miss you Ashley!
Happy Wife

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Hilary Anna said...

what a great inspirational saying. It is so true! I hope you had a fantastic Friday and enjoyed your pedicure! :)