Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let's Celebrate!

There I was, sitting in my car, getting ready to go into my appointment and curious as to what my little boys were up to...
Well... Emerson did the amazing flip! Went from having his head up in my ribs on my left side to being now head down and in position to make the first grand entrance! Sweet Hunter hangs out on my right side so calm and patient, always head down and waiting for his moment. Who knows, maybe we'll see Emerson's face on Monday at my ultrasound appointment {remember he's been hiding}. You'll know if we see it, cause the pics will be posted soon after! 
With both boys 'dropping' daily, this woman is becoming a waddler! Gosh, walking is getting funny. Shawn laughs at me {don't worry, we laugh together about all of it!}... and we know this journey will soon be shifting into something totally different!!!

I bought two little notebooks and am writing letters to my boys. Telling them how much I love them, and sharing their journey within the womb... Giving each a teeny glimpse into their lives before joining the world of air, grass, sunshine and rain.
"Emerson and Hunter, I think about you ALL THE TIME! You have my heart! And I cannot wait to hold you and kiss you and shower you with the wonderful love that God has designed a Mother to give!
I'm doing my best to feed this body of 3 accordingly. It's difficult at times... Getting full after eating just half a sandwich seems kinda silly, but I take it in strides. And now that my little gentlemen have moved out of my ribs and lungs, I have a bit more space for bagels and oatmeal and fruits and... you get the picture. 
One thing I guess you could say I've craved throughout this pregnancy has been fruit. Anything fresh and juicy, I WANT! Like smoothies, oh happy goodness!
Just purchased a few tops new tops! 'Easy Access', if you know what I mean, for feeding these babies. This Wife and Mama still wants to look pretty for her men, and gosh am I getting tired of all these cotton pregnancy tee-shirts!
Though I know that with my body being on this stretching adventure, it'll be funny to dress for a while. {I'm already praying for myself and preparing to accept my empty and scarred belly -Oh the beauty and sacrifice for life}
ps I MISS ZUMBA!! And can't wait to shake and dance my booty away!

Well, we're coming down to the last month or so. Week 34 is upon us and still, I am absolutely beyond thankful for how easy this pregnancy has been.
Girls, as many horror stories as you hear about carrying a baby, know that there's hope. Not everyone goes through what they say you will. I think I've hopped, skipped and jumped over the majority of the awkward pregnancy happenings... And maybe at some point I'll divulge all that I've some how avoided {though I'm not sure how}... But if you are going though those 'happenings' or have gone through them, more power to you!!! 

Tonight, the Hubs and I will watch Once Upon a Time, and just hang out with each other. No big plans except to embrace these last weeks with 2 in the fam. 

OH!!! Pray that someone buys my Element!! We've already had a few people interested! And it's looking pretty good. 

"I'm gonna miss you 'Wesley' Element! 
future Honda Odyssey... we will have adventures upon adventures I'm sure!!" 
Q~ Do people name their vans?

Okay, time to snuggle up on the couch with my Love. Hunter and Emerson are kicking around {it's so odd to think that they're upside down!} 
Hugs and kisses to you all!
Amber Dawn

ps Praise the LORD!!! Emerson flipped! Yay for answered prayers!!


deertale said...

Hallelujah those boys are a coming! :) :) :)

So Truly Lovely said...

You are a phenomenal mother. Amazing. Your boys are so blessed. PS: Have you seen the Toyota Sienna swagger wagon video? YOu must.

Happy Wife said...

Love those videos!! Thanks Anna :)

Caroline said...

Thank you for that sweet comment on my blog. It truly made my evening. How exciting you are expecting twin boys. Glad you stopped by my blog as it allowed me to find yours. Bisous.

Happy Wife said...

Caroline, Thanks for stopping by!! I'm glad to have found you!