Sunday, March 11, 2012


At Starbucks, hanging out with my Love and sipping a sweet decaf vanilla latte.
He's on his iPad, taking care of some work and I'm here, across from him typing to you.
Thanks so much for all your comments yesterday.
I've added a Contact Me section at the top of this blog incase any of you would like to e-mail me. 

Once I made up my mind to take a shower and just freshen up a bit while talking to the Lord, I immediately began to feel calm. It was good to cry, to acknowledge the mood I was in and let out the slight little sadness that weighed upon my heart.
And then as I washed my hair and thought about this wonderfully new and life changing season before me, I realized how blessed I am. Knowing it far more now than I did before, because while some people are struggling to stay alive, clinging to hope, striving to survive, I have the blessing of bringing life into the world. My struggle is not nearly as difficult as theirs. 

Shout out to my Mama and her sisters! Your words of love and support are always so encouraging. Each of you has been so uplifting and perfectly understanding! Thanks for cheering me up time and time again and validating me in where I'm at. I love you all!!

Heading off to church now...
Catch ya later!
Happy Wife

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Deanne Lawrence said...

You're welcome my beautiful niece... :)