Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We're still here!

Just thought I'd stop by to say we're doing well! 
I think my body is finally realizing it's pregnant with twins
The huge ball of a belly in front of me has not just expanded quickly, but it's getting much heavier each day.
With the realization that they could be here at any given moment, all of my time and prayer and action is spent encompassed by thoughts of them. {this being the main reason for not blogging lately - all I think about are my boys }
So many of my friends are pregnant as well, and a few of them have actually just had their babies... meaning it'll be my time here shortly!! Which is crazy to think about!

I'm not nervous about any of it though. 
God made me to do this... Carry twins, bear children and raise them in love. Confident in my Creator and the fact that He's entrusted all of this to me... I will ever depend on Him, and we'll go so very far!

These days we're working on prioritizing where our money goes, 
and how we want to be saving it.

Here are a few of the things that I'd love to own eventually/in the near future.

Primarily for the boys:

Putumayo Music
I used to have a couple of their albums years ago, but over time they've been lost or scratched. 
each cd's about $15

Max Lucado's children's books
Each have such a special message, and I love the relationship between Eli and the Wemmicks.
about $12-$15 each

And for me/Mama:

B.D.A Pants by Belly Bandit: $70
The B.F.F Belly Bandit: $80
New Balance Sneakers: $100
A double BOB stroller: $500-$600

Really though, we have absolutely everything we need!
I still can't say thank you enough for everyones support throughout this pregnancy. We've had a ton of you donate things to us, Dad and Cheryl sent me tulips, Shawn's Mama made us some meals already, dear friends have come over to vacuum and others to visit... and SO MANY of you have showered us/me with a thousand kind words of encouragement and love. I couldn't ask for more help during this season. And I can't wait to introduce you all to Emerson and Hunter!
Happy Wife


Elizabeth Mosser said...

I LOVE reading your updates and they remind me to pray for you and those growing boys! You have encouraged me more then you know through your amazing heart and attitude towards life. I can't wait to meet your boys and see you as a mama!
Random piece of info... spanx work just like the belly bandit does! You can buy the super cheap ones at Target (maybe $10-$15?) and they do same task of reminding your muscles where they need to go back to. :) Love you friend!

Jessica said...

What does that BFF Belly Bandit do?? I haven't seen that before!