Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Love

Gosh I love being a Mama.
Never in all my life has my heart felt so complete.
I feel like I've stepped into a land of abundance! An abundance of sweet baby noises, snuggles, and smiles {if only I had two pairs of lips to kiss them both at the same time}... An abundance of love pours out of my being and never seems to stop... These boys are my world, and I am theirs. They need me... and responsibility has never been so incredibly great.

I find myself praising God constantly! Emerson and Hunter are easy babies. Sleeping well, eating well, and super healthy even though they were born a little early. 

... Blogging has slowed down a bit, though not because of the boys being here, it's been more because I've had other things I'm working on in my spare time. Don't worry! This blog is not over with the arrival of Hunter and Emerson. I have a feeling that it's only going to be all the more full! 

Happy Wife


Anonymous said...

Im so happy for you and your family. You are so blessed, and i know you are already a great momma! Cant wait to join you on that journey. :)

Mrs. J*F*G said...

So excited for you with your sweet boys! I can't wait until mine arrives so I can snuggle too!