Friday, April 20, 2012

One Voice -

Ya, I'm tired.
After yesterdays post about the boys sleeping, I thought it was funny {slightly} that last night was not such a smooth night of rest. 
Hunter had some gas {gripe water, I'm buying you} and Emerson fed off of Hunters tears... as I calmed Hunter, Emerson would then begin to cry. 
Oh the joys of having two.

Rubbing my eyes, pulling my hair away from my neck, I put both boys on my chest and whispered and shh'd and let go of frustration. These new little babies are learning, I am learning, and over time we'll begin to understand each other. 


The fruits of the Spirit... Knowing that Christ in me, can do all things fills me with strength. His peace, patients, and His LOVE! keep me going.
Peace when the boys are crying, patients when I can't fix it, and love that covers over my needs and wants to meet theirs.
I'm tired... but I've got coffee, and tv and little naps while the boys snooze. 
Too, I have YOU! Your words of encouragement and support are so special to me. Thank you.

Love the beauty of lives coming together to form bonds that strengthen and build up. God is such a wonderful creator... I am thrilled that He's given us the wonders of relationship.
Amber Dawn


deertale said...

Aww they must have read your blog post :) yyoure so patient and kind even with no sleep and TWO babies. (i'm taking notes for future reference)Rock on momma, you're doing a great job. You even still manage to watch vampire diaries.

21SaraLoves said...

Wow you are a busy woman. You are doing a great job!

Jamie said...

Hang in there! You're going a great job!