Monday, April 23, 2012

A Special Education

It's true... my babies cry.

Hunter and Emerson have healthy lungs, and are well equipped to use them.
Sometimes, despite their tears and mini yells, it's hard not to laugh... Just look at those faces.
Hunter {left- in my arms} shows off a mouth full of gums,
and Emerson {right} scrunches up his forehead in a thousand wrinkles.

Sad little expressions of communication. Or rather large/loud/angry forms of it.
Understanding their needs and recognizing their wants is a day in and day out 'adventure'. There are proud moments of knowing exactly what to do, and other not so fabulous times of questioning what my game plan is when one of my children, or both, or screaming at me.

I am beyond thankful for the way God has set me up for these moments of potential frustration.
The last 8 years of my life have been spent working with children, teaching in learning centers and nannying. Spending hours taking care of little ones from the ages of 3 months and up has given me a good amount of confidence and a decent amount of know how. 
When you work in day cares and learning centers, the ratio of teacher to small child is 1/4 and for 3 years up, it's 1/8-10!
Multitasking is something that I am very familiar with. Assessing each situation and figuring out what needs to happen first, reading the different q's of each baby and deciding what need should be met before the other, or seeing what needs are verses wants...

No bragging here, because none of this comes naturally. I have spent years learning how to take care of sweet little lives... I love that God knew all along that He'd be giving me twins.
Holding two at a time, deciphering between who to feed first {or if I need to feed both at once!}, and listening to a chorus of cries rather than a solo of unashamed emotion hasn't been overwhelming once. 
Again, this is not me wanting to brag... God is so so so wonderful! So Awesome!
The jobs that I've held throughout all these years, were like school in a sense. Training me, teaching me, building me up for this time of my life! My mind has been prepared.

When I found out that I was carrying twins, I couldn't help but to laugh with joy as only God would be able to surprise me with something so perfectly designed to fit me. 

Gosh, I do get tired like I've shared before. I miss my Hubby time, and sometimes I feel like my home is now a zoo {I think I should sell tickets to see the boys...jk...visitors are welcome. I'm just learning how to limit the number we get each day.} But for the most part, I'm doing really well. My body has healed pretty quickly from the birth, and my emotions are relatively stable despite the many changes that have taken place in the last 3 weeks.

The Lord is near! 
Any time I need support, I know that I can lean on Him to comfort me and guide me through this new journey of Motherhood.
He won't give His children anything that is too difficult for them...
Such an important thing to recognize about that though, is that He will walk along side us during the trials of life, and with Him ALL things are possible.
Like 'losing' sleep at night and still surviving,
or missing Hubby/Wife time and still being madly in-love,
even all the overwhelming emotions and tasks set upon a Mother at the birth of her babies... He speaks love and support and stability.

Hunter and Emerson are now in their cribs for the night.
We put them down at 9pm, it's 9:20.
Emerson's conked out, and Hunter fusses a teeny bit here and there, but I have a feeling that soon, he too will be sound asleep.

I love these boys with all of my heart!
And I feel so very honored to be their Mother.

Shawn's making cookies and our home is starting to fill with a warm, sweet smell.
Time to hang out with him.

Thanks for stopping by!
I'll be back tomorrow.
{Thinking I'll share more of our daily routine then}
Amber Dawn


Fash Boulevard said...

You are amazing. And I absolutely love your writing. Thank you so much for sharing this touching post. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my resort style post. xo

Marcy said...

There is no one more prepared for twins than you. You were an amazing nanny to our boys for a year and they are better because of you. You also are an amazing mom! I think of you all often...

So Truly Lovely said...

You are so amazing. I can't believe that you have nannied three sets of twin boys-I mean I totally can because you are AWESOME with your little ones and because God obviously knew if anyone could handle it seeping with awesomeness and grace it would be you :) xoxo, Anna

Erin Elizabeth said...

I love this post-you are a wonderful mother! God really has blessed you with your little boys (lungs and all!) and what a great example you set for us all :)