Friday, April 13, 2012

Sweet Little Sleepers

Hunter and Emerson
Emerson left, Hunter right
Eating and sleeping is the routine around here... for them at least. Sometimes I forget to do both :)

For the most part I've been getting sleep in between theirs. I've decided to never say that I am losing sleep, because really, how could sleep be mine before it's already upon me? I am not losing sleep. I am getting less sleep than normal, but Praise God for He is sustaining me and has given me the energy I need for each day. 

I just finished giving the boys a bath and massaging their little bodies with lotion. After their next feeding, we'll take care of those long fingernails that seriously grow over night! It's a pampering kinda day. While they snooze for a minute or two more, I'm gonna do my hair, wash my face and freshen up. I've already gotten dressed and brushed my teeth, both of which are musts! but I have to curl my hair and put at least a smidge of mascara on to finish feeling alive. It's noon!
a very Happy Wife and proud Mama


Kelly said...

A late congrats to you! They are so beautiful!! I hope the Lord continues to bless you:)
Much love in Him,

-Kelly XO

Anonymous said...

They are so cute

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

They are amazing. So beautiful. And, I LOVE their names :)