Monday, May 7, 2012

Clothes on the Bathroom Floor

I want to write about a few different things right now...
But it's a bit much for this time of night.
10:21 is what it reads at the top of my computer screen and though I could stay up a while longer doing something mindless, I don't have the energy to reach into the depths and shovel out anything weighty.

This job, of being a stay at home Wife/Mama is a busy one, and I'm learning to prioritize accordingly all of the things that need to get done. Except now I'm learning that some things aren't as important as they used to be, at least not compared to taking care of my TWO babies.

Cleaning, Feeding, Bathing, Clothing, Hubby Time, Baby Time, Me Time, Others Time, GOD Time {should be at the front of the list... but for honesties sake I'll keep it where I put it}, Bill Paying and Appointment Setting, Play Time and Sleep Time, Cooking and Planning Ahead... Gosh I want to do it all! And I want to do it really well! I want to be Super Mom and tackle each thing like right now! 
Don't worry, I know that my desires are unrealistic.
Yes, these things do need to take place, but sometimes it's okay to let things go. There are clothes on my bathroom floor, bills sitting on the table needing to be paid {-none are late-}, I canceled a Dr app that was scheduled for today {we went to the park instead}, Hubby time is lacking, and there are a couple other things that I'd like to get done.

Instead of tackling anything serious, I'm rolling onto my tummy, putting the laptop in front of me, and watching the last episode of The Voice.
Tomorrow we'll check off some of those responsibilities from my to do list.

Today the sun shone bright and I am a Happy Woman for it! I'm excited for this week of blue skies, green grass and the yellow glow of perfection that floods the earth with a magical warmth! 

Time to shut off this brain.
Amber Dawn

I just spent 30 minutes here?!
I guess Shawn was talking to me a ton while I was writing... Chatty Cathy! That's who I married you know?! But it's odd... He's chatty, but only about the factual day to day things... we're still working on real, heart opening communication :) Right Babe?!


21SaraLoves said...

You said like a very busy mama! You are doing a great job and I honestly love your blog, even with so much going on you manage to stay positive and bring a smile to my face. "The yellow glow of perfection that floods the earth with a magical warmth". Simply beautiful.

21SaraLoves said...

I replied you your comment on my blog and I sent you an email! Hope you are having a lovely day xx