Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finding a bit of sanity in coffee and reading.

Well poo! Yesterday I had such great expectations for blogging... 
It's Tuesday now, so obviously it didn't happen.
I wrote a HUGE post about what our days look like around here, though hadn't quite completed it by the time things got busy with the boys and The Hubs got home.
Oh well, C'est la vie.
I'll post that one later.

Instead I'll share some iPhone/Instagram pics and show you a glimpse of what I look at every day.

This is happening right now.
Coffee-All day every day...

Upon this couch is where I sleep... 
when I sleep.

My sister came to visit from Cali two weekends ago,
and I go back to this picture often...
I can't wait for her to come home soon!

Playing dress up with the clothes and shoes 
that I haven't worn in a while.

In the middle of the night, I've been reading
through The Hunger Games. Not sure how smart
that is of me when I need to get some z's, 
but I'm enjoying it too much to quit.

There you go... Though it's not much of a blog post it's something.
Now on to washing up a few dishes and folding laundry while the boys sleep. 
Haven't done my hair or make up today! which is a first! and I'm not liking it!! 
Tomorrow morning before the Hubby goes to work, I'm going to spend 15-20 minutes getting all fresh for the day, even if I go back to sleep with my boys as soon as he leaves! 
{early mornings I tend to take whichever one of my sons is squirming, sometimes both, and snuggle them on the couch where we fall back to sleep for a bit.}
Hmmm and what to make for dinner? Gotta figure that out too.
alrighty, ttyl
Amber Dawn


Cara said...

Wowza. I think two sweet tiny twin boys is enough to keep you busy and not think about dinner recipes. I can hardly think of dinner recipes and I'm just newly married with no kiddos! Let us know how getting up in the morning to freshen up goes. I can't wait to hear more!

Mrs. J*F*G said...

You go ahead and do whatever it takes to keep some sanity! Love the coffee mug, and of course those sweet boys! I am about to sit down with some coffee myself and have some prayer time for my own sanity, another couple of preggo friends' sanity and I will pray for you as well!