Sunday, May 13, 2012

Funny Faced Mama

I'm so glad that they have each other.

... 9pm on Saturday night.
Hunter and Emerson are sleeping, Shawn's out running, and I'm curled up on the couch, doing my best to forget the dishes in the sink and soak up a little bit of time to myself without having to do.

We just finished watching We Bought a Zoo and I cried like a baby! What's new! I cry over something in every show or movie I watch these days. There aren't too many things that I cry about in my day to day, but if there's anything slightly sentimental on the tv, I lose it!
Yesterday I did have a happy melt down about my own life though...
Emerson and Hunter were crying. Both upset and in need of some good old fashion hugs. So, I picked them both up, held them in either arm and pressed them against my chest.
Standing in the living room and rocking back and forth, I thought I'd check myself out in the bathroom mirror and see how 'hard core' I looked.
When I first saw our reflection I laughed {and not just a chuckle, but a real down in the belly laugh}. Then, without warning, I cried! I have 2 babies! TWO!! and then I laughed again, and somehow the sobs and laughter became one, and I watched myself turn into some funny faced Mama. After a minute or so, as if someone switched the off button, it was over... I smiled at myself, and walked back to the living room with tears still falling down my face. {It's hard to wipe tears from your eyes when your hands are busy holding babies!}


...7:30 Sunday morning.


iheartkiwi said...

Look at your precious boys! And their names... so, so perfect.

Happy belated Mother's Day lady :)

Becca said...

I call that 'ugly crying.' I'm loving reading back through your posts and getting to know you! Blogs are amazing things aren't they?