Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Creepers

Seriously! They were EVERYWHERE!
Oh my Heeby Jeebies! 
This morning, around 3am, I went to feed my little baby boys their bottles {still need to share about feeding, but we'll cover that a different day}.
Anyway, like I said, I'd woken up to feed them at 3:15, but the boys were sleeping so soundly, I didn't want to disturb them... I thought I'd give them a couple more minutes...
Emerson began to fuss a bit and I woke up to realize that almost an hour had gone by!
"Oh my gosh! It's almost 4! When did I feed them last?! I thought I just fed them..."
Went to the kitchen and counted bottles...
"Okay, maybe I do need to feed them. I thought I'd gotten their bottles ready?"
I went back to their room and saw the bottles on the floor next to the sofa.
"Now I remember! Okay, Emerson's awake, I'll feed him first."
Hunter woke up. 
"Never mind, it'll have to feed both at once. Do I want Shawn to come help? No, I can do it."
I bent over their crib, placed them side by side and then scooped up the both of them in my arms.
Sitting on the sofa, with Emerson's head in my lap, and Hunter held in the crook of my left arm, I picked up their bottles and began to feed them.
-Note, all this was done primarily in the dark. There is a nightlight in their room, but it doesn't put off a ton of light.
Right away I started to feel my skin crawl, or rather something crawling on my skin!
-We've had a few sugar ants here and there around our apartment, and ever since I'd seen them, I've been paranoid, always thinking I feel them running their itty bitty bodies all over mine :/
So again, I thought I was just being paranoid...
OH MY GOSH I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN IT ANY LONGER!! There really were tons and tons and tons of ants crawling all over me AND HUNTER AND EMERSON!! 
The entire time I was feeding them, I kept on brushing at my hands, thinking I was feeling ants on me. I just told myself it's cause I was so tired and delusional! When the boys had finished, I picked my phone up off the floor to see what time it was and when I pushed the main button it lit up and ants scattered across the surface of the screen! I put the boys down on the sofa so fast, turned the light on, I didn't care how bright it was, and saw that ants were in fact everywhere! They'd been on the boys' bottles!!! All I could think was that I fed them, and their could have been ants in their mouths...
Since I'd left the bottles on the floor for so long, they'd found the yummy formula and called all their friends and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and had trailed their way from the window to where the bottles were.
Shawn was immediately summoned to our aid! And as he destroyed those icky little insects, I brought the boys out to the living room where we slept the rest of the morning away. {or at least the next 2 hours}.

Boy was that an experience I don't want to re-live. 
Even me, who grew up in Africa doesn't feel comfortable having bugs crawl all over my body, and especially my children's!

This morning's been busy already...
At 6:30 I fed Emerson, called Shawn, who began to feed Hunter, and when Emerson had finished and gone back to sleep, I got up to shower, wash my hair, freshen up, put lotion on, slip back into my sweats and t-shirt, brush my teeth and comb through my hair. Done in 20 minutes, I took Hunter from Shawn and spent the next hour and a half with him as he was wide awake. {I so wanted to go back to bed!} I made Shawns lunch while holding Hunter and he was off to work at 7:40. Coffee time. 8:30 I fed the boys, and they've both been sleeping now for thirty minutes.
They'll eat again in 40, and I'm wondering what I want to do between now and then... 
Curl my hair?
Put make-up on?

Emerson is waking up... I'm gonna get him and hopefully we'll snuggle ourselves to sleep until then.

Happy Wednesday Loves!!
{note-I don't normally leave their formula out for so long! horrible Mommy moment I know... okay... maybe not too horrible}


bekkah said...

ughlkjf seeing those ants must have been the WORST.

echo said...

eek!! so sorry... so so so sorry!!

Cara said...

Awful! SO AWFUL! I seriously felt bugs crawling on me as I read this. SO thankful for the aid of your hubby!

deertale said...

Wow! A lot-o ants! Didn't realize the severity of the situation earlier when you told me. I got the full picture now though :) I hate ants and that would be awful poor momma and babies!

21SaraLoves said...

OMG that is beyond beyond creepy! Thank god your hubby was there. Ugh that is so gross if it just happened to you but I can just imagine how much worse is must have felt for you to know that the ants could have been on your babies!

CT and DT said...

I can totally relate. Be prepared to have that be etched into your mind anytime you leave anything out! Not too long ago I had a similar thing happen... I was giving Shane some gripe water by the light of a small nightlight. I smelled that dead ant smell and then turned on more light and I saw that the ants were inside the dropper as well as in the the gripe water container. I freaked! My husband was there to come to the rescue. I couldn't believe that I just squirt ants into my baby's mouth! EEEEEEEEkk. Hate ants!

kellychristine said...

yikes that is scary! but not too horrible at all ;)