Sunday, May 20, 2012

Faces Light Up

Saturday May19th
-Emerson James & Hunter Owen-
Those are the names of my sons. 
Sweet dispositioned little men light up my world with an indescribable magic!
Our adventure began 7 weeks ago, on the 31st of March, and these months with them have been the greatest of my life.

Right now they are sound asleep in their cribs.
Jonsi plays from my laptop which sits on a shelf in the corner of the nursery, and I'm curled up on the sofa that faces both beds.

Looking at the small and delicate bodies of my babies, I can't help but to be in awe. 
Such tiny hands and feet... precious little ears and noses. Beautiful eyes and silly grins.

This is just the beginning!!! Gosh my heart beats with excitement over all the possibilities before us. I get to introduce them to the world! To the many wonders of creation! To art! To movement {sports, dance, excersize}! To science! To history and different cultures! To bravery, honor and faithfulness! To truth!

I can't wait to see who they become. One of my greatest desires is to give my sons the opportunity to choose from any career, to pursue whatever hobbies interest them and to never stifle who it is that they were uniquely & specifically created to be. 
Where they are passionate, I want to push them and encourage discovery of what it is that's beckoning them to chase after.

Music! I can't wait for them to truly hear it for the first time! Of course they hear it now, but one of these days they are going to hear a tune, a beat, a voice or melody that moves them and speaks to their core.
I have seen it happen before with children... Their innocent faces light up with joy and it's evident that something deep within them shifts and will never be the same. With all that I am, I believe that a part of them touches/feels a part of God... 
Music is magic!

Hunter and Emerson are my everything. It's an odd feeling {I've shared it with a few before}, but I have this urge to consume them! To place them within the safety of own body, to protect them, and to carry them with me always, to be one with their lives...
{NOT in the pregnant way of carrying them though!! I want to see their faces and hear their voices...}

Somewhere far away, the playing of the piano was recorded; the keys were hit gently and a soft sound captured... it's pretty, it's romantic and now it's playing through my computer speakers... it's heavenly and tears well up...

Little men are waking.
Mother dries her eyes,
The three of them embark upon hours never before been lived...


deertale said...

You're killing me :) in the best way possible of course! This was written so beautifully. I loved it.

Ashley Marie said...

This is why you need to make sure you never cease writing! You are a writer! Full of deliciously juicy sentences that make us all want to laugh and cry and dance all at the same time! I love that you are my sister!

Nicole said...

AmberDawn, you are a wise wise woman. :) Possibly my very favorite thing about watching you become a mother is seeing how you view your children as people, not just the sweet babes they are now but also the men they will become.

21SaraLoves said...

Wow I love reading your blog because the way you write hits my core and gives me peace. I have no doubt that your little men are going to grow up to be as magical as their mother.

Amy said...

You had TWINS?! Oh my god. How long was I out of this blog land? Seriously?! Oh, I feel awful for not catching this sooner. CONGRATULATIONS! [This comment is making me look a bit crazy, I'm sure.] Okay. Keep updating. I'm totally enthralled [I blame this partially on the fact that I have baby fever. Mostly, though, I just love babies].