Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oh wait... I forgot!

Keeping busy here! 
This was yesterday...
Hunter in my lap, Emerson in my arms. Small 2oz bottle and Mommy, still in her make-up from the day before. 
Pearl earrings were a gift from the Hubs a while back and I never take them off. They're a part of the 'let's make Amber look like a lady, even when she hasn't showered today' team. That and my long hair. Oh and pretty scented lotion and perfume! I never go a day without those! Or mascara!

Yes!! boys are fed and their wonderful Father is gonna hang out with them while I finally shower! Oh wait... I forgot. I showered last night! lol... I totally did... 
and the boys showered with me too {they love the shower!}
Every day runs into the next and as you can tell, I don't remember what happens when.

Being a Mother is incredible!


Jessica said...

I don't know how you do it!! How do you get them in the shower with you? You look gorgeous for no shower or I'm sure sleep !

Nicole said...

You're simply adorable. :)