Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Red Lipstick and Pearls

Wore red lipstick and pearls, went to Dr. appointment, sweet young friend came to visit, cooked curry, watched Hunter roll over and Emerson practically crawl, enjoyed the warm weather, had a smoothie, phone chat with my sister, cleaning the living room only to clean it again later, had some coffee, ate an apple, drank some more coffee.
Letter writing, tv watching, poem reading, singing, dancing, diaper changing.
Not the proper order of events... but these were yesterdays happenings.

Happy Hump Day!
I've been up since 3am.
Praying, whispering words of love to my sons, doing my best to stay awake, bottle feeding, drinking water! and some coffee, napped for 20... 

Probably should get some other things done while the boys are both sleeping {or at least half asleep}. Bottles to be washed, more bills to be paid, dirty laundry to be cleaned. Oh and I need to eat!

Getting into the groove of all this is an adventure! Twins are an adventure!
I went back and read a few of my old blog posts and realized that I repeated myself a couple times... Sorry for any spelling errors, or the running on of sentences or any repeating that might take place... I'm sure you understand why I might be a bit off ;)
I'll be back soon... ish.
Much love to you!!!
Amber Dawn


lolli-lu said...

I love your blog! Reading your posts make me smile, miss you, and excited to be a mama one day! :) love you!

iheartkiwi said...

You look great for someone who is so sleep deprived! Love the red lipstick.