Saturday, May 5, 2012

Way I Are

Sittin' here hangin' out with my home boy Hunter, dancin' to Timbalands beats and waiting for bottles to warm.

Our water heater busted late last night, flooding the kitchen and keeping us up longer than we were expecting to be up. Maintenance came in this morning and replaced the entire thing... took them 2 hours! from 8:45-10:30! Goodmorning!

1pm and we're still waiting for hot water to kick in... We all want to shower! Then our plans are to get out and go on a walk together.
So far it's not raining... "please don't rain today!"

K, time for a bottle party!


deertale said...

He's smiling like his momma! How awful about the water heater! Doesn't that thing know you have two babies and no time for that funny business :)

21SaraLoves said...

Aw hope your hot water kicked it! Lovely photo as per usual, Hunter is a beautiful baby.