Friday, June 1, 2012

Booty shakin,Celebrity, and everything else in between.

*Love random dinner dates at home with my Hubby! Evenings are a special time for us. 
Crazy to think that the boy who taught me how to wakeboard and took me to the 4th of July rodeo and surprised me when I got off work those late nights years ago, is now the Father of my children!! 
It's perfect! I wouldn't want to be on this adventure with anyone else!
He really is such a wonderful balance and stability to me.
*I worked out today!! Turbo Fire here we go! It's June 1st and time to get this girl into shape! The boys napped as I punched and kicked and jumped and moved my booty around the living room. Haven't sweet so much in a long time! But it felt amazing of course and I'm so excited for tomorrows work out!
Wanna know what else I've been doing? Laundry! lots and lots of laundry! lol... I have a feeling I'll be doing many loads of laundry for years to come!!
*Cute baby boys are growing so fast! and are such a joy to hang out with. I've been working on sleep training with them and evenings are amazing! The boys are on the same schedule sleep wise which helps a ton and I'm up to feed them at 12, 3 and then at 6 again. Since they were born at 36 weeks, things are a little slower than the average child born full term. Even though they are 9 weeks old, concerning sleep and feeding, you'd still chart them at 5 weeks. They are just now starting to 'talk' more and gaining more of an awareness for what's around them. The joy in our home is growing!

*Painted my nails a pretty pink today, thought about the hours of snuggles that Hunter, Emerson and I shared yesterday, been drinking lots of water {I need to get back in the habit of this}, made a yummy smoothie and now listening the Celebrity ;) it's true.
My Love should be home within the hour and our weekend is filled to the brim with NOTHING! Woot!
lol, JT knows how to put the boys to sleep... both are out!

*I'm off to wash some bottles, put piles of clothes away and sing of $, girlfriends and pop.
-been thinking lately about how I wish Blogger was a little more like Instagram and I could 'tag' people in posts.
@The Marvelous Flight of Cara Totally listened to OneDirection last weekend and thought of you!

Peace out friends!!
Happy Friday from the Happy Wife!


bekkah said...

cute nail color!

Cara said...

Wait! Shoot! I'm confused! Why did you think of me while listening to One Direction? Haha. Anyway, LOVE that you tagged me, sweet lady. I wanna get to know you more!!! xoxo

Happy Wife said...

Cara! Oh my goodness! I was so sure that I heard about them on your blog :)
lol went back to try and find the post but it looks like that wasn't you!!
Yes, let's be friends :)

Amy - Book Monster said...

I love that you listen to NSync in a non-ironic way. I do too! So it's good to know I'm not alone. :] And your babes are ADORABLE.

deertale said...

How cute are those little boys? and their momma? and JT??

Jessica said...

Those angels are so cute!!

21SaraLoves said...

Your little boys are so precious! I swear they get even more adorable every time I see a picture of them x

Anonymous said...

how are you liking turbo fire?

Happy Wife said...

Kenna, I LOVE Turbo Fire! Did it last summer with my sister. Have you done it?