Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cyber Sister

This is Sara.
She's my kindred spirit!... even though I've never officially met her.
She's funny, pretty, witty, clever, sweet, kind, loving, adventuresome...
and I met her here, through blogging.
Maybe you remember this little video I posted ages ago.
Little did I know how are friendship would grow afterwards!
Today we are pen pals, talk on the phone, text each other, send instagram love... if there hasn't been any interaction between the two of us for over a day, it just doesn't feel right.
I laughed when she called us 'cyber sisters' this morning... but the name fits.
She's a sister to me. And as odd as it may sound to you, I love her.
Some may see blogging as silly, or a waste of time, but not I!
Blogging is cool. And so are the friends that I make here!
xoxo to all of you!

Emerson is swinging away and talking to the little black and white cow that hangs above him, while Hunter lays upon his lavender lamb, and sleeps in my lap.
Time with these boys just keep getting better and better.


Brooklyn said...

Aw, I love blogends! Always fun to "meet" a few friend!

AmberDawn said...

I'm excited to "meet" YOU Brooklyn!

Dalayna Dillon said...

That is so precious! So cool when you meet friends in a unique way, makes for a good story. :)

AmberDawn said...

Dalayna, so true! Gotta love a good story!

Danya said...

What a fun story! I think it's so neat - being able to connect with people of similar values & interests via internet. :) Love it!