Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dear Shawn

Through the ups and downs,
the thick and the thin...
Through sleepless nights and long, long days...
Through our downfalls and through our times of victory.
I will love you.

When my heart has been wounded by you, please know that I cling still to the admiration that I have for you... That the way I see you is more with love and care than anger or frustration. You are a man of integrity, a man who is rooted in truth, and who treats me like a Princess. 

Thank you for all of the hard work that you do.
Thank you for providing 'the bacon'.
Thank you for being so willing to help with our sons. {someday they will thank you too}
Thank you for smiling at me, for loving me the way that I am, and for 'running me to the sun'.
Thank you for all the little things... like taking the trash out.
Thank you for finding me such a cool mini-van. 
Thank you for letting me take baths when you get home from work.
Thank you for making dinner as often as you do... 
GOSH! Thank you for everything you did for me while I was pregnant and slow!!
Thank you for spending time in prayer and the Word.
Thank you for being gentle, and for being strong.
Thank you for being you and for being willing to change...
I adore you!! More and more every day!

I love you Shawn Alfred.
I love you.


Jessica said...

sounds like you have a keeper!

j.o. said...

beautiful, my friend!

Claire said...

awwww so lovely :)

Happy Wife said...

@Jessica, I do! He really is wonderful!