Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Get Happy


Brooklyn said...

ah, those precious little baby faces!! adorable! you go dance, girl :) xoxo

Happy Wife said...

Brooklyn~ I can't stop staring at them! It's hard to believe that they're a part of my Hubby and I... SO crazy/super cool!
Hope you're having a good day today Love!

Nicholl Vincent said...

You are such a happy spirit, love it!

deertale said...

Babies should be required to wear onseies until theyre at least 2 :) they're just so cute in them, well and really all the time :):):)

Happy Wife said...

Nicholl~ I have so much to be happy about ;) Even if things are tough, I've got the life of Jesus! And that reminds me to smile and be thankful!

'Deertale'~ I agree! Onesies all the way!