Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy & Sad

Happy & Sad ~

*Today I am happy that I got new running shoes and am learning how to run :) Yes "learning". Training up to do a 5k, and this girl who enjoys working out, will become an official runner! So I'm happy to be on the journey of making that happen. The Color Run is going to be fun!
*Today I am sad that the weather is still grey and dreary... Yes, I live in Oregon. And yes, I should get used to it... But having lived much of my life in warmer sunnier climates... it's a bit of a bummer every year when June rolls around and Summer has barely happened. Poo!

What are you Happy & Sad about today?

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deertale said...

ummmmm dont be sad beauty :( Rain is good for snuggles with the babies and your man baby :) aslo I LOVE that fox print where did you find that :) love you!

Happy Wife said...

Don't worry! I'm not too sad ;) The fox print is from Society6. There's a link at the bottom of the post that will take you straight to it.
Love you tons sweet friend!!

Amy - Book Monster said...

Oh my gosh. GIRL. Can we PLEASE TALK about the weather in the PNW? Because I'm having a hard time with it. In MI summer rolls around about mid-May and stays until the first weeks of September. And it's just as green there as the PNW, so this is really messing with my mind. I can't get used to it. When people say "It's almost July" I just get SAD because it's not warm! IT'S NOT WARM.

Clearly, this is something that has been bothering me for a while.

Happy Wife said...

Right there with you Amy! Wanna have a pity party with me?!