Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I need water!

Thinking lots about this :)
Attempting to drink half my body weight in ounces a day!
I've heard by many that that's a good aim.
Some days I do a better job than others. 
Today, all I've had is 8 ounces... and ya, that's not enough.
This girl does not weigh 16 lbs!

Also, I'm thinking a lot about water in this form...

K, Off to take my baby boys on a walk!
"Thank You Lord for the sunshine!!!"


Brooklyn said...

i need water also - too much coffee consumption today! oh and yes, i'll take one of those beach trips too! :)

Happy Wife said...

Oh how I love coffee!! Come visit and we can take your pup and my boys to the beach :)

Nicholl Vincent said...

Thanks for the reminder-NEEEEDDD to drink more water too!

Happy Wife said...

It's stupid how hard it is to get into the habit of drinking water! :) Good Luck!!

Cara said...

Uh, HELLO MISSY, come to So Cal and bring those babies with you! Also, can I make you a 200x100 button to put on my blog because Amber, I love you and I want other people to too! xoxo

Happy Wife said...

Cara! You're so sweet!
I'm packing up the car and your future sons in law and we'll be there shortly! ;)
and yes you can make a button for me. I'm honored and flattered.
{did you know that I have one for you in my blog friends and favorites?! I need one with your face though!}
coco... I ALWAYS type coco on accident instead of xoxo!