Saturday, June 23, 2012

K to the N to the O-P-E

I miss Leslie Knope!

Anyone else watch Parks and Rec?
it's one of our favs.
Movie watching, running errands and chillin at home on this rainy day.
Love spending time with my 3 amazing men!!

What are you up to today?


bekkah said...

parks n rec is such a great show! haha season two was hilarious.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Yes!! We just watched it on Netflix. So fun! I hope you are enjoying your rainy Portland day, we miss the PDX weather! It's upwards of 100 here in Denver - staying inside to keep cool!

Jamie Hoeppner said...

it doesn't get much better than some knope- unless you want to talk about tom. ;)

Happy Wife said...

Bekkah~ hilarious indeed!! Since we normally watch it recorded, often times we pause it just to laugh, and then rewind to hear the funny again!! So clever, witty...

Amy~ Come back and visit! ;)
Holy hot 100 degree weather!!! Looks like we're all staying onside with our babes!

Jamie~ Seriously! TOM IS AMAZING! Probably our favorite character to quote.

I'm happy to know that I've got some Parks And Rec friends!