Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Time

I can hardly wait for summer!!
What flavor of Mr Freeze was your color/favorite as a kid? 
Or as an adult?
I always liked the blue one but I'd never choose it with friends because of how blue my teeth and tongue would turn! SO embarrassing!!

*Younger thinner sunny summery me from 5 years ago! Sent this pic to Shawn back in the day. lol... you know how it is... sending cheesy grins and sappy texts to your boyfriend. I'm surprised that I still had this hidden away in iPhoto.
*I was about to TurboFire my booty back to it's slimmer form today but the boys woke up 5 minutes into my work-out... looks like it'll have to happen later tonight. There's no stopping this Mama!! 
*'Man on a Ledge', fresh salad and Hubby time is planned for this evening... Hunter and Emerson are asleep in their cribs, I'm dreaming of Australia {and blogging, obviously} while my Love picks up our movie.
-Come back on Monday! I'm doing my first giveaway!-


bekkah said...

Cute hair!!

21SaraLoves said...

Lovely post as per usual! I liked the blue freeze too! Ooo and the white one too!

Cara said...

Happy Sunday, Amber! Sorry I wasn't the one that was talking about One Direction; unless I'm absolutely CRAZY and forget, which honestly might be likely. Lol! Love ya sister!

Emily said...

Oh Blue freeze pop ALL the way. oh How I love those !