Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This is Love

Oh how sweet these days have been!
I love my sons.
The word love has never felt so inadequate.
Those lips, their soft hair and smooth skin.
Oh the smiles that form when they look up at me... in the middle of the night, the early of the morning and throughout the hours of the day.
Oh the magical bond that we share. 

Yesterday I was remembering back to when I found out that I was pregnant... to when a friend called what was inside of me 'a' blueberry... to when I heard 'the' heart beat... and then to when we were told that there were 2 whole babies forming within my womb... Oh the feelings the flooded my heart as I stared at the little bodies on the ultrasound screen... tears fell from my eyes then, and tears fell from my eyes yesterday.
I have never received such an incredible gift,
{aside from the gift and life of Jesus Christ}.
My sons bring me a world of joy.

~I'll be back to my busy blogging self soon... but for now, I'm preferring to stay busy in my head and heart and home. 

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.


Dalayna Dillon said...

So precious. :) My dear friend goes in in the morning to have her twin boys!!! Oh my how her life is about to change. She already has one little girl, so there are going to be a LOT of changes. haha

Brooklyn said...

oh gosh - so much love in that picture and this post! those beebees are so precious - you are one lucky mama :)

Jessica said...

I know how you feel, blogging has taken a back burner because I don't want to do anything other than hang out with Shepherd :) you may have already done this but you should post about what you and your husband thought/did on the day you found out it was twins! I can only imagine!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

That photo is perfect. I love your beautiful outlook on life, how you focus on what God has blessed you with. I am learning to do the same, but find myself focusing on the negative much too often. Here's to seeing the glass half full! :) xoxo

AmberDawn said...

Dalayna ~ Her babies are SO precious! Love their little pics on instagram.

Brooklyn ~ Their sleepy snuggles are the best! I want to share them with everyone!! So if you're ever in town, come on over and grab some lovin from these boys 'cause it's all sorts if ooie gooie sweet!

Jessica ~ I'll post the story soon!! Babies trump blogging anyway ;)

Andrea ~ Cheers to our half full glasses of joy! :) I like going places, and negativity always holds me back... Just went on a 'me date' the other night to clear my head of all things unpleasant. Let's live in truth my sweet sister in Christ! He has the BEST perspective on these days that we live. Oh but how heaven will be so perfect... soon and very soon...