Monday, June 4, 2012

This week...

This is how I'm beginning the week... 
Link up and tell me about what's on your mind today!

  • I feel refreshed & well rested.
  • I will continue to TurboFire it up!
  • I should not enjoy as much sugar in my coffee.
  • I want to be more affectionate towards Shawn.
  • I can't wait for my Dad and Cheryl to get here on Wednesday!
  • I have been listening to the We Bought a Zoo soundtrack {over & over & over again}
  • I think that Facebook should have stayed simple.
  • I like having my sister back in town!
  • I struggle with the boys as we fight over who my long hair belongs to! 
  • I plan on finishing 'Bringing up Bebe'.
  • I rejoice in knowing that there are many many many fun days ahead of us.
Crazy me has a hard time leaving it at 11 things... I want to take one out, but I want to leave them all in. Wishing it were an even number!! Oy! What's a girl to do?!

Sorry! The GIVEAWAY has been bumped to Wednesday. Since I'll be busy hanging out with my Dad, I probably won't blog much... So while I'm spending time with the fam, you can all be entering yourselves in for the 'prize'.
-sneak peak-

Alrighty, Don't forget to link up your blog and tell us about your Monday.
Plus: I wrote another letter over at Pink Peony Style and you should go read it. 

Happy Monday Lovely Friends!


Brooklyn said...

so much fun! i'll have to link up next time! ps - thanks for leaving a comment on veggie table mostly because it lead me to YOUR awesome blog! look forward to reading more!

Amy - Book Monster said...

Ooo. I'll have to do this sometime. And I'm so glad you liked my post. We SHOULD meet up sometime! I've actually thought about that before, but I get SO nervous meeting fellow bloggers. I don't know why. !!!

Emily said...

the we bought a Zoo soundtrack is good! I remember saying in the middle of the movie " dang this is a good soundtrack!"