Monday, June 11, 2012

Today I am...

Here we are again with another Monday upon us...
"Welcome new week of work and responsibilities, of new joys and happy moments. I will do my best to make the most of you."
Today I am:
  • Laughing at all of Emerson's facial expressions. "Seriously child, what are you thinking?!"
  • Remembering the adventures I had in Australia once upon a time ago... Missing that land and hoping to one day return and share it with my family.
  • Curious as to what my sons will grow up to appreciate, pursue and enjoy in life. Who will they become?
  • Sad that so many women don't know how truly beautiful they are. "Don't give hollywood the permission to define your beauty!"
  • Working on hanging up my clothes after taking them off. My bathroom is not a closet.
  • Glad that we had such a relaxing weekend. Shawn and I left our living room a mess when we needed to focus on spending time together, and we cleaned it up afterwards. Priorities are key these days, and we're learning to focus on what matters most.
  • Dreaming of buying a big old house and turning it into a Bed&Breakfast. I really, really want to do it!
  • Sharing my silly and sometimes overwhelming thoughts of perfection over at Pink Peony Style. It's a journey that I'm always on, but it's a fight that I'm winning these days. 
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Unknown said...

Oh my oh my. I loved this on instagram and I love it even more on your blog!!! xoxo

Jacqueline Decker said...

Love this!
Adventures in Australia! My sister just left on Friday to live there....its been very hard on me. Where did you go and did you live there or just visit

AmberDawn said...

I lived in a little town near Sydney for a year {2003}.
Went to a Bible college and had the wonderful privilege of traveling quite a bit while there.
It's lame not having your sister near by! Me and my sis have done long distance on and off and it's no fun!
Maybe you'll go get to visit your sister!?