Thursday, July 12, 2012

Carboard Box Diet

Some of you might be wondering what happened to me?
I've been away from my blog for about two weeks and that's not normal... Don't worry, I'm okay. Just busy in my mind, which always leads to less writing until I've sorted through thoughts.
New season of life equals new season of change, and new season of me. 
Hopefully I'll come back tonight and write a bit more, but in this moment I'm linking up with a friend and talking about the what I'm doing to get back my thinner self.

I'll be linking up with my sweet friend Lauren each Thursday and tracking along by sharing my progress here.
To learn more about what I'm doing go to--->The Cardboard Box Diet

Some info about where I'm at before we dive in. 
I've been doing this for a few weeks already, but just now linking up and blogging about it.
I am aiming to eat breakfast every single day, and eat raw for the most part. 
I cut out lattes. If your coming over for a visit, I appreciate the thought, but I'll take an apple and a glass of water instead ;) 
Little to no sugar. 
Drinking as much water as I can a day!
Lots of fruits and veggies.
No carbs after 2pm. 
Stop eating around 8. {I'm up till 10:30 most evenings}

Weigh in: Honestly, I'm hoping to lose at least 30 pounds. No, I will lose 30. It's doable, for the weight I am at and with the motivation that's fanning the flame under my butt these days, I'll be there before I know it ;)
As of this morning, I've lost 4.6 pounds since starting the CBdiet and MyFitnessPal. If you want to join me there for motivation and friendship through fitness and health, my name is fitnhealthy28mama.

Exercise Completed: So at first, I was running, or rather, starting to run using the Ease Into 5k app. I did the first week, and day one of the 2nd, but my knees could NOT handle it. Probably due to the pregnancy and weight of two babes in my bod. I've been taking glucosamine daily to help with my joints, and walking and stretching out my legs as often as I think of it... Hopefully I can run again soon. I miss it. 
Yesterday{late last night after Shawn got home} I went down to the complex gym and rode the stationary bike{hard} and then walked{fast} for a total of 30 minutes and burned 175 calories. Even though it wasn't much, it still felt good, my knees could handle it, and I'll definitely make it happen again. {Next time I'll go for longer}

Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: We ordered pizza last night. Shawn didn't get home till after 7 and it was just easier to order pizza... I purchased a med. thin crust pepperoni & sausage and a med. regular hawaiian. Still I only had about 400 calories worth. {trying to do well, even in a splurge}

Success Story: I've eaten breakfast every morning for about 2-3 weeks now! And not just cereal/easy breakfast. More like scrabble an egg, add a little mango habanero salsa with diced up bell peppers, plus an apple and drink 8 oz of water!! Go me! I feel a huge difference eating breakfast and am not about to cut that habit!

Recipes/Photos: I'll have to throw in some recipes soon. For now, here are just a few pics.

It's been a lot of strawberries and blueberries and apples and cucumbers and tomatoes and avocados and chicken and eggs and water and water and more water and bell peppers and green beans and chocolate peanut butter banana protein shakes and smoothies and steak and carrots and green beans and broccoli and water and a little coffee {with stevia}.

Alrighty, time to get to my 'duties' for the day!
I'll be back later {crossing my fingers!}


Tabaitha said...

Hey girl! Stopping by from LFT. First off, congrats on twins! That is such a blessing! I have about 30lbs I would also like to lose. Way to go so far! Glad we can all be in this community together and encouraging one another. Hope you have a great week!

Ashlee Christopher said...

Love your blog title isnt that the truth the happiness to life you got it figured out I love your little babe he is too cute! Great blog

Anonymous said...

Im so proud of you! you have amazing willpower, as you know i cant give up my latte's...I guess i have to make up for that elsewhere. lol. keep up the good work!!!

Jackie D said...

Love this post! Stay motivated and I'm sure you'll do it in no time!! I gained 50lbs while pregnant and in about 6mths time I managed to lose everything!! Trick is to walk every single day - rain or shine! I just shared a wicked recipe on my blog and plenty more to come!! Check it out
Follow me!

Lauren from Texas said...

I love you and I'm so glad you're doing this! You're amazing and gorgeous.

Happy Wife said...

Thanks for all your comments ladies! Glad to have the support from you all.