Monday, July 2, 2012

Hair Everywhere!

Here's a Sweet Little Picture of Friendship to Start Your Week!

Okay, let's have fun with some moods.
Use these feeling words in your post today.
A. Annoyed
B. Bold
C. Calm
D. Drawn toward
E. Excited
Get creative if you need to and don't forget to link up and share!
No order necessary, just try to use them all... 
Here I go:

I'm doing my best to stay calm lately when it comes to finding my hair all over our home!! It's gross and I'm annoyed that I have to vacuum so often! {Definitely not a fan of hair any where other than on a persons head} A few of my friends had lost a ton of hair after having their babies, and I'd always wondered if it'd happen to me...  Well, it has. It's not so bad that I have bald patches or anything, I just don't like finding long strands of hair everywhere!

Lately I've been thinking about the future and it gets me so excited!
Every year of my life has gotten better and better {despite the difficult times that lie within them}. Maybe it's because I'm older and my perspective has changed towards the tough stuff, but all the wonderful things that happen far outweigh anything sad or stressful and I am glad, oh so glad to be alive! And I have babies!!! Ya, I'm glad to be alive!

Bold... How shall I use the word?
Being bold in blogging is key in my opinion. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Don't be afraid to be real and honest. It can be a little intimidating sometimes sharing with the world your fears and insecurities, but I've never regretted doing it. Sometimes even sharing your passions and heart can be scary... at least it is for me. But then again, I want you to know me, and I want to look back and read about the real me, so I will be honest.

I have always been drawn toward the ocean! I want to live near the beach! Not like 2 hours near, but 30 minutes max near! And not a cold beach, a warm beach! Like see-through water and sunshine pouring down upon the sands... And now that Hunter and Emerson are in my life, I want to share a world like that with them. 
~Little glimpse into my day dreams for ya.

That was actually kind of fun!
Well, hopefully you all enjoyed your weekend.
I wrote another letter here about something else that's been on my heart a lot over the last couple weeks, and I'd love for you to read it.

K Lovlies,
We'll chat again soon!
I can't wait to read your posts today. So, get moody and link up ;)


Kimia Kline said...

i love that picture :) and i totally get the hair thing. i havent even been pregnant and it still happens to me--drives me crazy!

Jessica said...

I've always wanted to live at the beach too :)