Thursday, July 26, 2012

I lay my head upon His shoulder.

After 10 days of being away, I'm back to the land of Blogging. 
Sorry for the lack of conversation here, but I made a quick decision to travel to the not too distant shores of Thinking and Praying. 
It was a lovely trip and while there, I spent time on the shores, dipping my toes in the warm water and pondering upon all things life with two babies.
I'd gotten a call from the Lord, saying that He wanted me to meet Him there for a brief reprieve in order to gain new perspective on the way that I'd been living.
Most of you know I'm sure, if the Lord calls you, you better not avoid that call or ignore the message on the other end! So I closed up my laptop, and made my way towards Him.
Our conversations were refreshing and much needed. 
I sat there, next to Him, watching the tide breath in and out and I lay my head upon His shoulder. 
He reminded me to rely on Him. He reminded me of how faithful He is to take care of me and that He has always provided the strength that I needed for every tough season of life.
He also reminded me that He was my first Love, my Best Friend and my Mentor... things I'd begun to foolishly forget...
My heart hurt as I took a good look at how I'd been leaving Him out of things. It hurt because I knew that I'd been wasting time, striving to love my husband better, take care of my home and pour into my children with the little that was at the bottom of my storehouse rather than going straight to the source for much needed Love, Grace and Truth.

The other day, Saturday I think, I carried my laptop with a set of speakers into our bathroom, turned on the We Bought A Zoo soundtrack, lit a few candles, stepped into the shower, and sobbed as I released all of my cares up to my God.
I can't do this without Him...

And so now, today, with all my burdens cast upon Jesus, I smile and trust that all things are possible. 
He has never let me down.

It feels good to be here, sharing this journey with you, with the future me.
I want to write about how this season has been difficult, but babies awake from a nap and I must go to snuggle them back from their place of dreaming.

Thank you for letting me be real with you.
Happy Wife
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Bekkah said...

great print. :]

So Truly Lovely said...

This is so beautiful and so convicting. I so needed to read this. Love you girlie girl.
Love, Anna

Loud Mouthed Mommy said...

You painted such a beautiful picture in my mind. I almost thought I was at the beach with the two of you. What an amazing idea. I will have to go to that beach very soon!

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Thanks for this post - so very encouraging in a time when us new mamas are so depended on, yet we must be dependent on Him.

deertale said...

You are such a light! I love these post, thanks for reminding us all of these truths! Xoxo

deertale said...

You are such a light! I love these posts. Thanks for reminding us all of these truths! Xoxo

Brooklyn said...


Mrs. J*F*G said...

This was really encouraging to read, and it came at a perfect time. Last week at my women's Bible study we talked of how, as mothers, we need to call on Jesus every day to give us strength. Also, just yesterday He reminded me to rely on him and he will see me through. Great post, honesty is always needed in the body of Christ! :)

AmberDawn said...

Anna~ Love you too! Thank you for all of your encouraging words!

LMM~ You should! The beach is my favorite place and I can't help but think about God when I'm there. Who else could have made such a masterpiece!?

Amy~ So glad to be in this season with women like you! God is good to meet our Mama needs :)

Sara~ You're welcome. Kisses from afar! xoxo

AmberDawn said...

Bekkah~ Society 6 has so many cool prints! You should check it out! You can get them on tshirts and phone covers...

Jess said...

You are amazing. Thank you! Such great reminders. I love it.