Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love me some twins!

A few reasons why I love having twins:
*Emerson and Hunter do such a good job at entertaining and keeping each other company. Rather than me needing to be the sole source for interaction and conversation, they have their brother to talk to and smile at and hold hands with. 
This picture was taken on a day where I needed to get some things done around the house and hadn't accomplished all that I'd wanted to by the time they woke from their naps. So, I lay them side by side in Hunters crib and for 20 minutes I left them there, staring at the wall and chatting back and forth while holding tightly to each others fingers. Even when I went to bring them out to the living room with me, they would have been content to stay there a while longer. 
Having twins gives me a little more time for myself. {which is the opposite of what you'd think!}
*I am never bored! Having spent time with babies in the past, wether it be babysitting or working in learning centers, I always got bored holding a baby, or just hanging out with one. 
With two, there's so much more for me to experience and enjoy! The two of them are so different, both such happy boys, but with unique personalities, likes and dislikes. It's fun trying to figure them out. It's fun figuring them out and it's fun to compare, in a healthy way.
God is so creative! 
Having twins opens my eyes to His awesome handiwork, and I get to see at one time, two special lives beginning to form.
*One for me and one for the Hubs. It's a cool feeling holding one and seeing him hold the other. We get to be a team in this/we have to be a team in this! Sometimes this creates more struggle as it requires us to be on the same page and working in unison, but ultimately, I love that we're in this together. 
Having twins gives me an even greater opportunity to see my Husband be a Father. The boys love him!
*Two, means less cuddles and snuggles and sleeping in my arms. Sad, yes! It's hard not being able to meet their wants and my own in this department like I would if there were only one. But, because I don't rock them to sleep, and can't run to meet their needs 100% of the time, they fall asleep quickly on their own, in their cribs at every single nap and every single night, and for the most part, they do a good job at self soothing when they're upset about something. There are times where this makes me sad, but really, I am far more thankful for the sleep that they get and that they can shift their sad little thoughts to happy ones without my always needing to be at their side.
I hug them and wrap my arms around their tiny bodies every single day! I shower them with love and affirmation and kiss them till they giggle!! Every moment with them, I make count!
Having twins, has set me up with wonderful sleepers and a happy house.

"Thank You Lord for the blessing of both Emerson & Hunter!
You knew this would be perfect for me! And I love Your surprises!"

On a side note.
Most of you are aware of my writing over at Pink Peony Style every Monday, but I thought I'd give you the links to the last couple posts I've written in case you hadn't had a chance to read.
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K, time to get to packing! We're moving {to a different/cheeper apartment} in 2 weeks! This'll be interesting...

ps... I went back and replied to most of your comments from the last posts! xoxo

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Love this little insight into life with twins! ;)