Sunday, July 15, 2012

My vacuum needed a break.

I feel so much better now! 
New hair is a success! {thank you bff Dani!}
Sporting my Eve hair {meaning it covered my 'girls'} was fun and all. And I'll grow it out again, but with shedding like a thousand strands a day, and my hair being a thousand inches long, I needed a break, my vacuum needed a break. 
I wish I had a picture, but my tresses were gathered in a messy bun in practically all our snapshots of the days gone by. Imagine it flowing down my back, almost reaching my derrière. 
Having it pulled up kept it off my floor and out of my toes and clothes and Yuck! I hate it! 
I'd comb through it after the shower and flush away the handfuls of runaway hair then. {Who knows why, but I've always flushed the hair that's fallen out during my shower rather than throwing it away or letting it go down the drain...} 
No matter what I'm wearing, if my hair is done/down and styled, it always makes me feel pretty! So keeping it up all the time wasn't working out too well! It feels good to have it shorter. Seriously! It's like half the length it used to be, so I don't mind shedding as much. 

This weekend has been a pretty good one. A happy mix of productivity and fun... 
We started the application process for a new apartment, tackled some things that needed to get done around our place, scheduled a vacation, finished the first season of The Killing & started the second, and worked on our marriage. That last one happens every day of the week!

goofy babies... I think Hunter was mid sentence and Emerson was watching my every move.

My boys are at home, safe and sleeping sound. 
Hubby is watching over them while working on a case.

Around 6:00 pm
Emerson laughed for the first time. Laughed at his Dad, being silly like he is. Talking back and forth in funny voices and giggling. Child who moves a ton and is an absolute ham, found humor in his Dad who is so very similar to him. I cried a little.
And then there was Hunter. He who talks to everyone. Finding himself in the mirror, letting out gentle giggles. Looked over at his brother and went on an on about who knows what. He was smiling, and talking, right at Emerson. And Emerson had no clue. I shed a few more tears.

Happy Hearts
Growing Minds
and Spirits Forever drawing nearer to God.
Our home is filled and overflowing with magic.



Marcy said...

Love the hair! (and the sound of sweet baby boy laughter!)

Bekkah said...

your hair is so cute!! that's a great look for you :]

Anonymous said...

Ahh, it makes me smile when i read about your boys. Soo fun that you have two to be friends, to dicover the world together being tiny, and grow big together. Your hair looks amazing by the way!! LOVE LOVE it. the killing, ahh, so good. do you like it?! (obviously since you have watched that much of it)

Brooklyn said...

LOVE the hair!

Amanda said...

awe, so sweet...your new hair looks very lovely. It's those wonderful captured moments that are so precious to read back & remember on thru the years :)

Jennifer said...

OMG! Those babies are SO ADORABLE!!!! I truly enjoyed stopping by your blog! So sweet!

AmberDawn said...

Marcy, Bekkah, Brooklyn and Amanda~ Thanks for your sweet compliments. My hair has a huge affect on my mood ;) So I'm glad to have it all styled and cut!

AmberDawn said...

Alicia~ Love and miss you and we just finished the Killing! So good, didn't want it to end!

Jennifer~ Thanks! I'm off to check out your blog now!