Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poetry, Songs & Stories.

There's been a lot of exploring happening in our home these days.
Gazing up at the big blue sky,
feeling the breeze dance between our toes.
Watching the trees as they sway to and fro,
and ourselves smiling at one another.
Reading of Gods great design,
poetry, songs and stories.
Laughing and talking and sharing frustrations.
Making sounds and discovering voices,
keeping the home silent from tv and music.
Hearing the world and learning it with our senses.
Speaking of patients and love and adventures.
Dreaming of conquering giants,
but first sleeping to gain our strength.

Emerson is goofy, an absolute lover.
Hunter is sweet and full of emotion.
Emerson is bigger, and stronger.
Hunter is smaller, and more tender.
Emerson moves his legs a ton! Kicking!
Hunter moves his arms! Punching!
Emerson goes a million miles an hour. Expressive to the max!
Hunter is quiet, while taking it all in. You will always know how he's feeling!

Both pros at sleeping and eating and pooping and cooing, all things baby, they're good at. 
Crying and fussing, expressing their needs, wants, concerns...

My love is forever theirs.

This weekend should be a good one.
Grandparents {or rather Great Grandparents} to join us tomorrow {or rather today... seeing as it's 1:30 am} for lunch. Apartment hunting later on {rents going up $100 and we need to save or bill pay with all the Benjamins we got!}
Heading back to church for the first time on Sunday {hopefully},
and gearing up for another busy week by having my bi-weekly 'Me Date' at McMenamins.

I should be back to my regular blogging self now...
Mental processing is over and it's time to write it all down.
Come back for more to see the chaos unfold!!
Just joking... There's never a moment of disorder here ;)

Happy Weekend to you all!!
A Happy Wife with A Happy {and blessed, stressed, crazy, funny, Go Big Or Go Home} Life


Tabaitha said...

Your boys are adorable! They make me have baby fever all over again. Hope your first Sunday back at church goes well. It was so nice for us to be back at church, after each of our little ones were born.

Jamie Hoeppner said...

You sure do make a person crave pregnancy! ;)

Anj said...

These pictures are just precious - it makes me wish I was a twin! :)

Happy Wife said...

Tabaitha~ We didn't actually make it to church due to changes in the schedule that week, but hopefully we make it tomorrow! I need it!

Jamie~ Have one!! or two ;)

Anj~ They're so fun!