Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Heading into Fall... and Spring.

{from Mondays letter over at Pink Peony Style} 
Oh, the weather is shifting from warm to cool and I woke up this morning wanting nothing else but to curl back up into my comforter and stay there for hours longer.
Socks, sweat pants and cardigan have all been added to the shorts and t-shirt I wore to bed...
Still it's chilly, but my sipping hot coffee is bound to heat things up a bit from the inside.

The turn from one season to the next is always so exciting. Living in Oregon, we have the blessing of experiencing each of the four beautiful seasons. And though some last longer than others, each season is still different than the one before.
Heading into Fall, memories of last year and those before all start to play at the forefront of my mind where images of red, orange, and purple leaves paint the backdrop of days gone by.
Sigh... Toffee nut lattes, the pumpkin patch, rainboots, hats & scarves and staying indoors, cozied up on the couch with a happy book, my best friend and pretty music...
And of course now my world has begun to make memories with two children in tow.

Sitting on our living room floor, with memories fading in and out, a pile of the boys laundry at my side and a few little toys on the other, I'm beginning to feel old. Maybe not old, but aged? Or...
I've lived. Gone from childhood to adolescence, young adult to married, now Mother with babies.
Each of those seasons were marked in and of themselves with mini seasons...
Some were seasons of 'fall', times of letting go, clearing things out in order to make room for a new, fresh and healthy beginning.
There have been seasons of 'winter', where the world seemed to stand still. Times were quiet and comfortable with little cares or worries.
Then seasons of 'spring', with doors of opportunity opening right and left. Where the business of moving to the beat of a brand new drum kept me on my toes with a skip in my step.
And of course seasons of 'summer' have found their way into life as well. These days are marked with blue skies, the song of birds and sunny hues blanketing the world below. Days of thriving, laughing, chasing after passions with a bold heart...

Outside, the weather is taking on the season of Fall.
Inside, inside of me, inside my head and my heart, which move my actions... Here, we are all heading into a time of Spring.
Oh this is bound to be a season that I look back upon as a good one!


listening to Ben Howard-Promise
sitting on my living room floor {I prefer the floor to chairs or couch any day}
wearing athletic pants, ready to move
sipping coffee {same cup lasts me all day...}
praying, running, trusting, falling further into my loving Fathers arms

~Happy Wife

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