Monday, August 6, 2012

Little Hotties

Hunter and Emerson were all sorts of toasty last night!
Ugh, the heat was so uncomfortable!
Second floor, apartment with no AC in 100* weather is not ideal.

I'm off to do some packing, 
but thought I'd share some of my favorite blogs with you before I go. Just in case you need something fun or interesting or inspiring today.

Pink Peony Style Danya started this blog with hopes to tackle a variety of topics to read up on and get inspired by. Heart, Home, Food and Fashion. There's a little something for everyone.

Lauren From Texas Lauren is an old friend of mine. She's witty, funny, encouraging and beautiful! I love her heart and she always manages to put a smile on my face.

Alexandra's Joys Alexandra and I actually met at the same time as Lauren and I did back in 2004. Comfort, TX you hold a special place in my heart. {we all attended Bible School together}
For all things wedding and decoration and pretty! You must check out this blog! She's incredibly talented and oh so wonderfully girly!

He Speaks in the Silence Diane shares heaps of wisdom! She is by far one of the most amazing, godly, sweetest and strongest women I know. If you want to grow as a woman of God, this is a must read!!

okay, okay, I need to go pack!
kisses to you all!
and a blog to come soon about my thoughts on homeschooling ;)
Happy Wife & Mama

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Tabaitha said...

It's hot here too! Hope you have a great day!