Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Procreation is fascinating.

Emerson: Will you please just give me a few more minutes to wake up?!
Hunter: I love you Mom!
It was a t-shirt and underwear kinda day. Woke up this morning to two hungry babes, so I fed them like a good Mother would, and then immediately got to work. 
The plan is to pack up as much of our apartment as I can this week. 
My love doesn't come home from work till 7 most nights, and then we both exercise either before or after dinner, so their isn't a lot time to cram our belongings into boxes in the evenings. 
All day I questioned wether or not I wanted to get dressed... the answer was always, "maybe later". 
Just so you know, I am fully clothed now, sitting at a coffee shop and spending an hour or so with my fingers upon the keys of this laptop, typing out all of the thoughts within.
As of now, I'm feeling good about the task before me.
I'll have to post a picture of the organized chaos that is my living room. 
{there might be time to blog again before the move, other wise I'll share how it all went afterwards. Moving days are Saturday and Sunday}

As I stood waiting for my coffee, the barista kindly asked me how my day had been. I told him that it had been busy and he then asked what I did/where I worked.
A smile immediately formed on my face as I said that I was a Mom.
Gosh I love my life!
Hunter, Emerson and I have so much fun together {at least from what I can tell they're having fun, they haven't actually said the words, "You're so much fun Mom!" but I'm pretty sure they would if they could!} 
The three of us spend the majority of our days singing and talking and laughing with each other. Right now Emerson is the one who sings and talks the most, while Hunter is rolling over and discovering the movement of his hands and arms, shoving his fists into his mouth and drooling all over the place. Though Emerson did roll over 3 times during one of his naps today! Little man sticks his booty in the air and shoves it all around till he flips over. {note: my babes sleep on their tummies}
Yesterday Emerson and I were snuggling in the rocking chair, just hanging out and feeling the breeze blow in through the window next to us. *BURP! in an instant 'spit up' covered my shoulder. I looked at Emerson, and he looked at me, and then we both smiled. I'm not 100% sure why, but as soon as he gave me that sweet smile of his, I burst into laughter, which then caused him to giggle. And there we hung out, covered in a couple hours old formula just laughing about what had happened.
I adore them!! More and more my Love and I see ourselves in the boys. Hunter and I are very similar! And Emerson is a lot like his Dad. That'll be a whole other post! It's so incredible to see though!
Sometimes when I hold Hunter in the mirror I look at our reflections and stand in awe and wonder at how God does this! Procreation is fascinating! :)

Thanks for all of you who stick around and leave kind comments and say hi! I miss having time to check in on all of you and read of how you're doing!! But I'm feeling routine coming on and I think they'll be time to catch up soon.
I pray you all are doing well!!
Time for me to get home.
Happy Wife



Great post and you boys are adorable!

Mrs. J*F*G said...

I can relate to the spit up and laughter! Depending on the day I either feel it's normal or that I must be losing it!! I almost started to laugh while reading this, good thing I was able to contain myself or I would have woken a full, sleeping babe! Good luck moving this weekend!

Tabaitha said...

I've so been there. I used to say that I would never be the mom who stayed in her pj's all day. Been there and done that! I don't get all dressed up each day, but I try to atleast a couple of times during the week. With Mason starting Kindergarten, it will be interesting to see how that goes. Good luck with the move. We just went through that a couple months ago.

Mrs. J*F*G said...

Hey Amber, This was on my blog feed this morning and it reminded me of your boys!

Jessica said...

I bet those boys little coos definitely mean, "Mom is so much fun!"

Jess said...

That is absolutely precious! It is amazing isn't it? I look and them and just stare in awe sometimes. And I also get sad at how fast it all flies by us!

I'm so glad I found you :)

Lily Marek said...

Your twins are adorable! I'm a twin myself and while I don't have any babies yet, I've always dreamed of having my own twins one day. You're very blessed!