Saturday, August 4, 2012

School House

My heart is to teach Hunter and Emerson all about life; history, science, english, other lands near and far, I want for them to taste and touch and hear throughout their learning of these things as much as possible. I can't wait to introduce them to the many wonders of Gods incredible world!!

Welcome to my make-believe School House.

1. Coat rack mounted to the wall for jackets and cardigans to hang, 
plus awesome cubby shelves for all things nicknacks/treasures&goodies...
will be kept at a lower level/height for the boys to reach.

2. My desk... I see flowers and more color! 
This is where I will house all things books, papers, journals, craft projects, and art.
Perfect space for 'teacher' me.

3. Work space for my little gentlemen.

4. Words of wisdom.

5. Cute animal pens for them to write stories with.

6. Cool paper to make airplanes out of!

1 2 345 6

This feels so incomplete. But there really isn't enough time to post pictures of everything I plan on adding to my someday school house ;) At least there isn't right now.
Time to focus on the present!
Like making lunch for myself, packing a little, spending time with my homeboys after they wake up from their nap, {little guys slept 11 hours straight last night!! Normal has been 7-9 WOOT!}
I think the Hubs and I are gonna take them on a walk through the nature park near our apt later too. There's loads of fun to be had today!

Oh the bliss of Saturdays spent with my Loves!
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend,
Happy Wife

ps What are your thoughts on homeschooling?


Anonymous said...

I think home schooled kids become socially and emotionally awkward adults.

Anonymous said...

Statics show home schooled children have lower incomes, increased adult health isues, and higher poverty levels. They lack in flexibility to adapt to change by being taught by one individual whom may have strong skills in only one area.

Molly Elizabeth said...

I have met some socially and emotionally awkward adults in my life. Some of them have been homeschooled and some of them attended school outside of the home. Homeschooled children do not have a monopoly on being awkward in adulthood, nor are all homeschooled children destined for it. I know dozens of well adjusted, socially savvy, and emotionally healthy adults who were taught at home.

I am a public school teacher and I will be the first to say that there is not one right way to teach a child- there is not just one correct venue for learning. Not all families are the same and not all children are the same. Some children thrive and succeed in academic settings outside of the home, while others thrive and succeed learning in the home. My husband and I are good examples of this. I attended public school from K-12th grade. I loved and thrived in the school setting. My husband was homeschooled through 12th grade. He excelled and succeeded learning at home with his brother. Both of us are college graduates and both of us are successful in our careers (he makes more money than I do- for what it’s worth).

To say all children will be more successful learning outside the home is naïve and ignorant. This is not a situation where there is always one correct thing to do. It is a case by case, family by family, even child by child decision for parents to make.

Amber- I am thrilled at your excitement and passion to teach your boys! I think you are a smart mama and will have the blast of your life rediscovering the world with your two sons! Cheers to you, friend! ☺

Mrs. J*F*G said...

I was reading this on my phone, and had to jump on my computer to leave a (probably long) response!

First of all, I love the ideas :) We are debating the possibility of homeschooling as well, especially if my husband decides to re-enlist in the Air Force. (This is a whole other story!)

Anyways, having almost done my senior project for my bachelors on this, I have done quite a bit of research on the topic. I wanted to stay, do not let those first two comments lead you astray. Yes, some kids can become socially awkward if the homeschooling is not well rounded. Yes, there have been a study or two that have found those results. However, if you take an overall look at the literature on the subject you will find that there is really no differences in the home schooled child and the traditionally schooled child.

Successful home schooling really is dependent upon the child, the parents, and many other factors. You just have to learn what works for your child and your home!

Just make sure you do your research ;)

DebonaBeach said...

I know a lot of very emotionally mature, awesome adults who were home schooled. I also know some who can't spell worth a darn but that's on their teacher/mother and she admits it :-)

My youngest son was homeschooled instead of attending public high school (behavior issues) and he went on to graduate with honors from CU Denver and now has an MBA, no health issues and makes plenty of money! He also has a good looking wife and lots of friends!! HAHA!!

I don't think all parents are cut out to be home school teachers and all children may not do as well while other parents are AWESOME home school teachers and other kids thrive in that environment.

It's not fair to say "yes" or "no" across the board.

So I say if your heart says "YES" and your husband says "YES" and you can remain open to the Lord's leading then go for it!!!

PS. Having never met you in person but having read your blogs I say I think you"ll make an amazing teacher!!!!! :-)