Thursday, August 9, 2012

Work It/CBdiet

Update on all things CBDiet.

That's my work out calendar. It looked the same last month too... This really helps me to stay on top of it all! Plus exercising makes me happy! Seeing what tomorrow holds keeps it on my mind and I'm more likely to do it. "Out of sight, out of mind." It won't be that way with this! My body is changing! and there's no stopping it!
Pink is Turbo Fire & purple is what day of Ease Into 5K I'm on. The blue shows how long the work out is, so that way I know each day how much time to allot for it. 
Every once in a while you'll see a green Core 20 and that means that I worked out my core that day too. Two babies in my belly stretched it a bit ;) Time to tone this tummy.

Now on to the scheduled share:
Weigh In:  {this is how I'll show you from now on. Underlined is the most current weight}
8/01/12 ~177.4
8/04/12 ~176.2

I'm weighing myself each Saturday/Rest day, looking back on the work I've done and gaining momentum to keep it up.
Each week now I'll post a picture of my calendar. If it has a green slash through it, that means I exercised. If it doesn't, I didn't. 
Yesterday I blogged instead and hung out with my Hubby. 

Exercise Completed:
Staying on schedule, expect for yesterday.

Splurge/Guilty Pleasure:
OH MY!!! I forget what day it was... But Shawn was awesome and bought little frosted donuts plus Cheez-Its and those yummy pink and white animal crackers {he bought the snack packs of them}... Ugh! I kid... it was not awesome of him! One day, I had strawberries for breakfast with a scrambled egg, and then I thought... Hmmm those animal crackers look so tasty, half a bag won't kill me... ate half the bag... walked away... and slowly but surely, one at a time, I ate the rest of the bag...Then, when I got hungry again, I ate a plum.
Later on, I could here the Cheez-Its calling out to me... "I'm so salty! You need salty now since you've had lots of sweet! I won't hurt you! I'm just a little bag... Mmmm... Just think about it..." I caved and 'slowly' {like that mattered} ate the stupid square little crackers!
Oh and you know... 3 of those little Donut-Ohs made their way into my stomach too!!! "WHAT?!" I know... shame on me...
My punishment for such a crime. Upset tummy from sugar overload. Crap in, crap out. {sorry/TMI} 

Success Story:
Even though I'm still l0 pounds heavier then when I got pregnant, my pre-prego jeans fit! And I look better in them then I did before!!!  Which tells me I'm gaining muscle while I lose fat. My body is slimming, despite the fact that I don't see a huge shift in weight. Woot! Woot!

I was literally soaking the other day after a hard work out and it felt AH-MAZING!!! Thanks Lauren for getting this CBdiet thing started!

And Maranda, you're the best long distance work out buddy! xoxoxo

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible" -Walt Disney

Good luck to you all as you step into another week of treating your body right!

Happy Wife


Tabaitha said...

Love your workout calendar! That is a great idea, because like you said you see it everyday and it is a constant reminder of your goals. Thanks for the idea! Good luck this week and yay for jeans fitting better than before!

Jess said...

I love that workout schedule! I really need to get into a routine. Even if it's just doing yoga at home, it's something to cross off. I'm gonna have to make a nice little calendar for me too!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Thanks so much for sharing! I live your heart for health and you have been an inspiration to me and I'm sure so many others out there! Thank you for your beautiful vulnerability :)
Love to you sister!!
Amanda Jones

Jill said...

Allow me to say I LOVE your calendar. That is awesome! I kinda think I need that in my closet. Along with the "get fit" picture! Yay for the pre-preggo jeans!!!! :)

Kate said...

That calendar is such a great idea!

Lauren from Texas said...

I LOVE YOU! "I will succeed" -- love it. You can do it mama.

jenny said...

This is awesome. Not looking forward to the post baby weight loss. But it's worth it!

Tea said...

I think your workout calendar is such a great idea! Perhaps I should make one for myself...

Kristen Grace said...

This is incredible. I wish I had as much motivation as you do! you're fab :)