Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 months old

These handsom men of mine are a whopping 5 months old already!

It's true! 5 whole months have gone by!
These little goofs are getting bigger every day.
Some mornings they wake up and I can hardly see the resemblance from yesterday. 
One minute they're itty bitty babies, the next they're almost little boys!

This has seriously, hands down, been the coolest thing I've ever been a part of! 
I couldn't ask for a better life!
"Hunter and Emerson,

The Scarf Swap has officially started.
20 Lovelies for 10 different States are sending scarves to each other 
and I'm super excited to see what everyone gets!
Also, I'll be hosting another swap {different gift} in November!
So stay tuned.

Happy Wife


Jacqueline Decker said...

Awww!! too cute those little guys are!! Adriana turned 8mths today :) it amazing how they grow and learn so quickly!!

Brooklyn said...

they are so adorable! that last picture is priceless!!!!

Cara H said...

Such BEAUTIFUL and handsome boys!!! You are SO TRULY BLESSED!!! Miss chatting with you lovely. xoxo

Catriona M. said...

Hi there. I'm a new follower. Your sons are adorable! Congratulations on them being 5 months old :)