Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Place of Quiet Rest.

Last week, in the wee hours of the morning, after feeding my babies and crawling back into bed I got a funny feeling. It was an uneasy, unsettling feeling... and I realized that I hadn't taken the time to cover their new room in prayer. 
So as I fell back to sleep, I prayed, lifting up my little men and asking that the Lord would fill their sweet abode with His perfect presence.

The next day, before Hunter and Emerson went down for their morning nap, the 3 of us spent 30 minutes filling their room with prayers. We sang songs that declared the love of God and claimed that space as His. "May this place of quiet rest be one filled with comfort, truth, peace and light. May it be a safe haven where all who enter feel relieved of burden and heart ache. May my sons thrive, grow and sleep soundly within the walls of this sanctuary."

I felt so much better knowing that I'd taken the time to act upon my love and prayers for them. I didn't just leave it at a simple conversation with God about keeping them safe and sound, but I spent half an hour purposely speaking words of truth and life into the corner of our home that is theirs. My breath, my voice, my heart was poured out in complete love for the lives that God has entrusted into my care. There, I lifted them back up to Him.  

sigh... Prayer is a powerful thing. 
I've been reading Corrie ten Boom's daily devotional and one of my favorites is this:
-July 29th
"Before the war, I was a watchmaker. When my hand was not steady and I had to do a very exact piece of work on a watch, I would pray, 'Lord Jesus, will you lay Your hand on my hand?' He always did, and our joined hands worked firmly and securely.
Jesus never fails us for a moment.
"And the hand of the Lord was with them... Acts 11:21"
Remind us that You are always with us, Lord. Thank You that even our smallest problems concern You. You answer our slightest need."
Whatever your work is, wouldn't it be amazing to know Gods presence in this way?! As a Mother, this is my daily prayer!! "Lord, live through me! May my actions be as Yours, may my words and my thoughts be as those that would come from You."
My sons need help 24/7! Um, and I'm just a human woman who is definitely inadequate! But Oh Hallelujah! I have help! 'Our joined hands work firmly and securely' to bring stability, love and the proper care to these sweet little boys of mine! {don't mind all the exclamation marks... I just get super excited about the fact that living life doesn't have to be impossible when I have God at my side!}

Friends, I love you! 
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Jamie Hoeppner said...

OK SERIOUSLY, that woman... Corrie- PRAYER WARRIOR! Last month I finished two of her books.. and I LOVED IT. God totally used her life to teach me about prayer. For such a long time/still I have/still struggle with prayer... but she reminds you of the purpose, importance and reasoning behind prayer... and it's so awesome. I love her. :) Now I am going to look that up!! :)